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new kit coming…

i need to get on it with being earlier in the day with these blog freebies.

alas, here is the freebie for today. it matches my upcoming kit, Rain Or Shine.

you can earn the mini for free by doing the current color challenge.

have a great week…see you Friday!


freebie today…

today is freebie day…didn’t get to it on Friday. so, here is a quick page that was done by one of my CTs, Tami with my Primavera kit. hope you like it.

might be a new freebie tomorrow….maybe not…better stop by to see 🙂

not much…

hello to you all…not too much to tell you. interesting to be living in Indiana finally. don’t have to get up for work, but still so many things to do.

if you are of the praying sort…i would greatly appreciate prayers for us. we still need to sell our house!

here are some new CT layouts with Primavera

by Daphne

by Andrea

by Cassandra

and your freebie for today, 2 frames to match

have a great week!!

errands galore – and Easter!

my last day of work was Wednesday…and yesterday i somehow managed to run errands for almost an entire work day. amazing how many little things need to get done – and like my neighbor asked me last night – how ever did you do it all while working. the answer….I have NO idea 🙂

and this weekend is Easter. crazy that here in MI, there is supposed to be snow and temperatures maxing out at 35 😛 alas…it is a wonderful time to spend celebrating the true meaning of the holiday and enjoying the company of family and friends.

my CT has been busy…but i will post more layouts next week. for now…enjoy the freebie and have a blessed weekend!

eggs to match Primavera

busy, busy, busy

as some of you may know…i am a list person. i have this strange love/hate relationship with my list. i keep it with me at all times. rewrite it when necessary. love to scratch things off. but hate that no matter what i scratch off…there always manages to be something to take its place. my list for this week is BONKERS!! so many things to do…people to see…meals to eat 🙂 so…in order to cross today’s blog entry off that list…here it is. short & sweet.

reminder: tomorrow is LUNCH CRUNCH crop/chat in the GDS Chat Room. 45 minutes, 1 challenge, 1 layout, can earn you some fantastic goodies 🙂

just chat and you will earn these

complete the layout following the challenge and you will earn these

the LUNCH CRUNCH goodies match my new kit Primavera

and you can earn the mini for FREE by doing the current color challenge at GDS

my CT has been super busy creating some great layouts with Primavera

by Sabrina

by Tami

by Anita

hug someone you care about – especially if they would never expect it!!

last but not least…your freebie for today to match the new kit…some flowers

have a great week!

finally, a decision

it’s official…I am moving. soon i will be moving to northern indiana to rejoin andrew and start a new life down there. it is a great relief in SO many ways. thanks to all of you who have been supportive of me during this time. many new things to worry about…but it will all be okay.

REMINDER: I am having a 17% off sale in my store until end of day Monday, March 17. see yesterday’s post for the “official” ad.

i am just about finished up with my new kit…so should have something fun & new to show you next week 🙂

ANOTHER REMINDER: next wednesday is LUNCH CRUNCH…will post previews of the freebies next tuesday. hope you can join me for this great 45 minute crop/chat.

here are some more GREAT layouts from my CT with Feelin Lucky

by Tami

by Cassandra

by Zakirah

by Inge

and your freebie for today…torn cardboard suits to match Feelin Lucky

have a super weekend!!

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